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If this is you, let's talk


Kelly Vogel is a Certified NLP Coach who helps you find clarity & flow in your mind, body and living space.

Using her holistic approach, she weaves together over 18 years of expertise in the wellness field to guide you to discover your blind spots and gives you tools to empower you on your path. 


Where we begin:

After a thorough assessment of where you are now and where you want to be, we create a plan to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. With structured accountability, guided inquiry and processes that dive deeper we uncover patterns that have been keeping you stagnant or stuck. We then begin to shift those patterns through guided NLP and somatic processes helping you get on a clearer path. All sessions will be done virtually using Zoom. 


Some examples of where this work can help you:

  • a repeating pattern in your life that causes stress or anxiety

  • a cluttered home or office that creates a sense of overwhelm

  • emotional pain that is manifesting as physical body pain

  • being stuck in past traumas 

  • feeling energetically blocked from having what you want

After a session with Kelly clients report feeling:

  • Lighter

  • Like they are in flow

  • More at ease  

  • Like the pain is gone

  • More aware

  • Free from their past

  • That they have new tools they will integrate going forward.

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...Kelly helps you get closer to the root of the emotions that are causing tension in your body through guided coaching. The tools I've learned through this practice have helped me to reduce chronic pain in my body. It's a missing link between restorative yoga, talk therapy, and massage. I highly recommend this therapy practice with Kelly 


...Through a series of remote Zoom calls, she taught me techniques that enable me to calm myself when I feel an episode coming on. Just as importantly, she guided me through visualization execrises that helped me to better understand the nature of my condition and how best to deal with it.

Long story short, Kelly's treatment has been a game changer. I have the physical symptoms under contral to an extent I have not managed in years. I wish that I had approached her a long time ago. If you're dealing with anything similar, I could not recommend Kelly highly enough.



Kelly has an amazing gift. She powerfully guided me to transform my clutter into beauty and order with a gentle, steady hand. After just 2-3 hours on a Friday night we sorted through 100s of items in my office and closet and my whole perspective shifted...after she left, I was motivated to take care of DOZENS of other tasks around the house, and had the most productive weekend I can remember!

....If you want to super-charge your motivation and get out from under your clutter so your space works for you instead of feeling like you work for your space - hire Kelly! She's amazingly gifted and you'll love working with her. 

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