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Clear Your Path Coaching

Want a Mindset Shift?

Find Clarity & Flow in Your Mind, Body and Living Space.

Kelly Vogel, certified Somatic & NLP Coach

I’m Kelly Vogel!

Certified Mind-Body Integration Specialist with over 20 years of expertise in the wellness field to guide you in discovering your blind spots and equip you with tools to empower you on your path.

After a thorough assessment of where you are now and where you want to be, we create a plan to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. With structured accountability, guided inquiry and processes that dive deeper to uncover, shift, and change patterns that have been keeping you stagnant or stuck. All sessions will be done virtually using Zoom. 

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

A repeating pattern in your life that causes stress 

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Changing behaviors that no longer serve you

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

A cluttered home or office that creates a sense of overwhelm

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:




Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Emotional pain manifesting as physical body pain

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Releasing past traumas

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Here are a few areas where coaching can support you:

Feeling a lack of purpose or direction in life

My Coaching Approach

My journey with the mind began when I graduated with a BA in Psychology from UCSB in 2002. Since then I have studied meditation with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and a diverse series of yoga teachers. I received immense insight into the mind-body connection while working with the Somatoemoational Release component of Craniosacral Therapy that I got trained in through Upledger Institute International. I am Certified as an NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner through NLP Institute of California. I integrate all my knowledge and expertise when coaching you through your unique process, using Somatic work, guided visualization, meditation, & NLP processes.

My mission is to become more conscious and to help others do the same so that the world can be a more peaceful and loving place. When we all do our own inner work those waves ripple out to everyone around us. The same is true when we don't do our inner work our unconscious behaviors create pain for ourselves and to all those around us. When we have more conscious awareness we have more peace.


Ready to find clarity, flow and create lasting transformation?

Let's do this!

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Smiling woman giving a testimonial about Kelly Vogel's coaching services.
Coaching testimonials
I've been working with Kelly for a few months now. I was getting frustrated with a lack of progress with traditional talk therapy and knew I needed a different approach. The sessions have led to many breakthroughs and I'm so grateful for Kelly's skills and guidance. I see her incredible value as both a NLP coach but also a somatic practitioner. This approach has helped me to stay present in my body as I shift my mind and emotional state. The somatic work is so vital to this experience, and not many NLP coaches have this background. This valuable combination creates a full mind/body connection for a wholistic experience, with presence, action and clarity and peace. Kelly is truly guide and not a director. She listens deeply and also knows how to/when guide the process away from stagnation and into new energy. The process itself has a container, which gives a gift at the end of a session of clarity and peace. This is something I've not been able to get out of traditional talk therapy and I'm so happy to be working with Kelly!


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After a session with me, clients often express feeling:


Have more clarity

Like they are in flow

More at ease

Like the pain is gone

More awareness

Free from their past


That they have a plan to take action on

That they have new tools they will integrate going forward.

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